About Our School

We have two campuses strategically located, one in the capital of the country where you can access to a plenty options of entertainment and facilities and one in the caribbean coast in one of the most paradisiatic places of Central America.


Areas of interships and volunteer



Why to choose cime

With our passion, knowledge, creative flair and inspiration, we are
dedicated in helping you to achieve.

Convenient location

We have two strategically located facilities. The main campus is located only a few minutes by bus from downtown San José.


+450 Students

We have taught over 450 students over the years. They all from all over the world.


World class educators

Our teachers are simply the best. All the instructors are highly qualified native speakers with years of experience doing what they most love.


Awesome internships and volunteering programs

There are many opportunities for community based projects. The contribution that each student can make to the community is limited only by individual schedules and desires.

What Our Students Say

Kelly Simpson | Chapman University

CIME provides a perfect experience for learning Spanish, a beautiful facility, personalized education, and a staff that makes you feel like family. They are very knowledgeable and will do anything to ensure your happiness with the program and your experience in Costa Rica. I would recommend CIME to anyone looking to learn Spanish, and conduct an internship.

Carolin Nasca | Mother of one Student

I had the opportunity to visit my daughter Chelsey while she was attending CIME, and since I experienced an AMAZING week myself, I offered to share their information about this program in hopes of helping them grow and succeed.  As mothers who like many of you, worries when their child is in another country, I can assure you, she is in the best of hands, and I trust CIME and its team COMPLETELY.

Why is CIME the right choice for progressive social justice work

Our priority is people over profits. We pride ourselves on our ability and willingness to redistribute funds and resources to worthy grassroots projects and organizations.

Most of the money derived from payment fees to CIME is spent or re-invested LOCALLY. The money is paid out or donated to the families who host students, to sites and projects where our students work or visit and to special community service projects and events.

Five percent of each tuition payment is immediately donated directly to children’s rights organizations, women’s groups, community soup kitchens, and animal shelters.

A priority donation site is the Community Soup Kitchen of St. Lazaro where meals are served daily to 250 hungry kids. Upon request we would be happy to send a complete list of the organizations we currently help to support.